fastest animals in the world

Fastest animals in the world

If you like animals as much as we do in World Aspect, surely you have ever wondered which are the fastest animals in the world and therefore, here we bring you a list with the animals that occupy the first 10 positions of this curious ranking of speed.

Surely you know that the cheetah or the gazelle is very fast but, did you know that there are birds and even insects that can reach speeds that would make your hair stand on end? If the answer is no, check our list with the 10 fastest animals on the planet and be surprised by the wonderful world of the animal kingdom.

Machines made to reach speeds of vertigo, by land, sea, and air, all to not be devoured or to devour and survive.



Peregrine falcon

Fastest animals in the world

The peregrine falcon can maintain a sustained flight at about 96 km / h but when it sees a dam and decides to attack, this beautiful bird plunges and reaches 360 km / h! a speed not suitable for sensitive.

The peregrine falcon is undoubtedly the fastest animal on the entire planet and that is why it is the first of our list of the fastest animals in the world. There are even records of copies that have reached 389 kilometers per hour, an even greater number than the speed record of Formula 1.




fastest animals in the world

That the cheetah is part of our list with the 10 fastest animals in the world is no surprise. This incredible cat is famous for its speed and that, in running and short distances, they can reach between 112-120 km / h!

Cheetahs are considered the fastest land predators on the planet, and in the African and Middle Eastern savannas, where they live, they like to stalk at a distance, using their incredible sight, to launch themselves at full speed behind their prey.





Fastest animals in the world

Now we go with an animal that moves through the water, it is the impressive sailfish, the equivalent to the cheetah but in the aquatic environment. This fish so characteristic can reach 110 km / h and best of all, is that this amazing speed makes sailfish can make incredible jumps out of the water, so they occupy the third place of our count with the fastest spices of the animal world.

Although sailfish are not among the largest sea fish, their dorsal fin makes them appear larger than they are, helping to ward off potential predators and also have the ability to change color to confuse their prey. and hunt them more easily.



Tiger beetle

Fastest animals in the world

The turn of the insects has come, and it is that this little boy can run so fast that his vision becomes clouded. The tiger beetle, named for its predatory habits, has been considered the fastest animal on the planet, because its speed of 2.5 m / s compared in proportions, would be equivalent to a human running at 810 km / h, crazy!

As we have already mentioned, the tiger beetle travels so fast that it has to stop to focus and see where it is going since its eyes are not able to see clearly.



Mako shark

Fastest animals in the world

Sharks are present in many rankings and of course, they could not be off the list of the 10 fastest animals in the world according to Animal Expert.

The mako shark furrows the oceans at 124 km / h, an impressive speed that it uses when hunting. Called the falcon of the seas, referring to the same theme of speed, this kind of shark is considered dangerous for the human being due to the ability they have to jump inside the fishing boats, as in the sailfish, Swimming speed helps these fish make impressive jumps out of the water.

Although the mako shark is not on the list of the 10 most endangered animals in the world, its species is considered in a “vulnerable” situation due to its uncontrolled trade.




Fastest animals in the world

A beautiful, mysterious bird that has always attracted the attention of the human being and is also part of the fastest animals in the world. These striking birds, which barely reach about 10 cm in length, can reach flight speeds of up to 100 km / h.

Hummingbirds move their wings so fast that it is almost impossible to see them and among other curiosities, they are the only birds that can fly backward, downwards, remain motionless in the air and are so fast that they find it impossible to walk.

If you were surprised by this information and want to know more about hummingbirds, you can check our article on hummingbird species.




Fastest animals in the world

The swordfish, also known as gladiator or emperor fish, is a predatory beast that can reach a height of 4 meters and weigh 500 kg. With these dimensions, it should not surprise us that the swordfish is part of the select group of the fastest animals in the world.

Together with the sailfish and the mako shark, this corridor of the sea can reach 100 km / h when it starts by its prey. The speed reached by the swordfish is due to the aerodynamic shape of its caudal fin and, like the other fish on this list, the swordfish can also make great leaps out of the water.



Siberian Tiger

Fastest animals in the world

In addition to imposing and majestic, the Siberian tiger joins our list of faster animals since it can reach 90 km / h, and taking into account that its habitat is snow, this speed over short distances, is much!

Among the most striking curiosities of this beautiful and fast animal, we can tell you that the tiger is the largest of the felines. Its striped fur is unique, just like the fingerprints of a human being and in fact, the stripes go not only on their fur but also on their skin.

Just don’t get confused because the Siberian tiger is not equal to the Bengal tiger.




Fastest animals in the world

The ostrich is the largest bird that exists today, ostriches are like traveling dinosaurs! and if you think that size is a problem for this bird, you are wrong, because despite not being able to fly and walk on two legs, this incredible animal of 150 kg. It can run up to 70 km / h.

What makes the ostrich deserve a place in our list of the fastest animals in the world, is that unlike other members of this ranking, the ostrich can maintain this speed for several kilometers. And among other curiosities, you should know that ostrich pups, with only one month of life, already run at 55 km / h, difficult to catch, right ?.

If you want to know more details about this impressive bird, be sure to check out the ostrich article as a pet.





Fastest animals in the world

And yes, we end up with another insect, but this time with one that you have surely seen: the dragonfly. This insect of great proportions is capable of putting springs of 7 meters per second, which is equivalent to about 25 km / h, but there are records that can exceed 100 km / h. This is a lot for a flying insect!

But why does this animal need to fly so fast? Well, to take advantage of the time. Once the larval state is over, the dragonflies only live a few weeks, at most a month, so time is short.

As a curious fact, we tell you that dragonflies, unlike many insects, cannot fold their wings over their bodies.





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