most dangerous dogs

Most dangerous dogs in the world

(most dangerous dogs) Since the beginning of domestication, dogs have become a part of the human world. They are trained to protect cattle, even professionally with the police, or raised in homes to guard and protect the family, in addition to them, have the ability to perform circus …

Being intelligent animals, they are very loyal. However, despite being described as a “human best friend,” these animals are not naturally designed to be able to interact well with humans but need to undergo training.

There are occasional reports of a dog attack, although it is quite rare, it is still important to be aware of the dangers and responsibilities of owning a dog.


Here is a list of the 10 most dangerous dogs in the world.



Most dangerous dogs 1. Caucasian sheepdog


most dangerous dogs in the world

Caucasian Ovcharka or Kavkazskaya Ovcharka can grow very large, at least 50kg, and an adult male dog has an average life of 10-12 years. This breed originated from Russia and other European countries, initially, it was used to protect cattle in the mountains, and even some wild predators like wolves have to be wary of them.

Caucasian is very healthy, and very aggressive and dangerous nature. Therefore, if not properly trained and nurtured, they will be very aggressive, out of control and ready to attack strangers at any time. But this huge shepherd dog is very loyal, only one owner in his life, ready to fight, sacrifice his life to protect the owner. In addition, it does not hesitate to risk its life to protect members of the herd or owner, despite the danger.



Most dangerous dogs 2. Pitbull dog


most dangerous dogs in the world

Known for being fierce, aggressive, tenacious and tenacious, many times they are accused of attacking humans. Pitbull can fight face to face and take out dogs bigger than it, even wolves.

It does not back down from any opponent, this dog almost never gives up, and fights to the end. In some countries, Pit Bulls are even used in dog fights, where dogs are trained to fight a losing one.

This breed originated in the Americas and has now been quite popular in Vietnam.




Most dangerous dogs 3. Presa Canario


most dangerous dogs in the world

Presa Canario (Perro de Presa Canario) has ancestors of wild dogs living on Canary Island, they have a large body, initially, they were raised to graze animals. It is a fighting dog, so the fighting instinct is very high. If in an unequal battle, it could take less than 5 minutes to finish off the opponent.

Like the Presa Canario, it takes an experienced owner who is able to control it, if properly trained, following rules and limits, and with daily physical and mental exercise, it will become a great companion.

A Presa can be aggressive towards strangers and other strange dogs if it is not exposed to society or if the owner is unable to control it. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate it into society since childhood.



Most dangerous dogs 4. Rottweiler dog


most dangerous dogs in the world

Rottweilers are a dog breed that scares many people. This is a fierce breed, nearly half of all dog attacks in the United States are caused by this breed.

Rottweiler or Rott, Rotti is German, they are one of the oldest cattle animals. Currently, they are often trained to become search and rescue dogs, leading the blind or police dogs and guard dogs. Rottweiler has a large physique, proportion, intelligence, loyalty, toughness, strong.

In general, this dog needs a really tough owner to teach and control them, because they can become aggressive, very dangerous if not raised professionally. If taught properly, they will become a loyal guardian, a lovely and pleasant friend.



Most dangerous dogs 5. Fila Brasileiro


most dangerous dogs in the world

The Brazilian Mastiff (Fila Brasileiro), nicknamed Fila, originated from the British Clam breed, is a large, aggressive breed and is often used as a hunting dog and a guard dog. The Fila Brasileiro is also one of the largest dog breeds and can be a great guard dog if its owner is a trained dog.

They react very negatively to strangers, even those that have been sociable very early. They have an instinct to protect everything that belongs to their family. People fear these dogs because of their uncontrollable behavior, and many deaths from dog attacks have been recorded.

They are one of the most aggressive and difficult to tame. Because of the enormous size and potential ferocity of Fila Brasileiro, they are banned from farming in some countries.




Most dangerous dogs 6. Alaskan Malamute dog


most dangerous dogs in the world

Alaskan Malamute Dog or Mahlemuts is a sled dog in Alaska, they are trained to hunt and transport belongings. This famous arctic dog is one of the largest purebred dogs, it can weigh up to 45kg, it is capable of surviving in extreme climates.

The Alaskan Malamute is an intelligent dog and tends to be willing to defend its pack or protect its owner when someone wants to attack or trespass. However, this breed requires regular training or they will rebel and sabotage. Malamutes are talented natural hunters and can even kill large enemies like bears. There is no question that this dog is one of the dangerous, scary species.



Most dangerous dogs 7. Wolfdog


most dangerous dogs in the world

A wolfdog is a crossbreeding of the domesticated dog and wild wolf. These animals have a protective instinct and can be very wild with unpredictable behavior.

In Vietnam, people often call Wolfdog a wolf hybrid, it has a very high hunting potential, they are not recommended to be kept as pets in ordinary households. There have been many cases of people being attacked by Wolfdog, especially children. In Norway and some other countries, the government bans people from owning and nurturing them.



Most dangerous dogs 8. Bull clam dog (or Bullmastiff)


most dangerous dogs in the world

Bullmastiff is a cross between Bulldog and Mastiff. This breed has a great appearance, power, and speed. They have a height of 61 – 69 cm and weigh from 45 – 60 kg. This breed has been chosen to work as a guard in the army, keeping poachers and hunting a number of other animals. Today, the BullMastiff dog has been nurtured and guarded by many families.

They are very brave, intelligent and loyal, but also quite stubborn, independent and aggressive with strange dogs. Therefore, this dog needs to be trained skillfully and carefully from a young age to be able to control their behavior.



Most dangerous dogs 9. Husky Dog


most dangerous dogs in the world

Husky dogs are a common purebred, their ancestors being hunting dogs in the far north. They are extremely agile and good at transporting goods, loved by their thick fur, unique colors and beautiful faces with distinctive blue eyes, they look very similar to wild wolves.

Although the domesticated Husky is quite gentle, this is not an easy-to-train dog. Wild fawns in the wild are more aggressive and closely related to wolves. In one case, people reported being attacked by Husky.



Most dangerous dogs 10. Doberman Pinschers


most dangerous dogs in the world

The Doberman Pinschers are known for their agility and tracking ability, they are intelligent and the perfect defender of the family.

However, they need to be closely watched by a strict and patient owner because they have the ability to attack and kill people.

They are very sensitive and can develop aggressive temperament whenever they feel that something is dangerous to their employer or family or when they receive an order to attack a person from their employer or trainer. This breed is also rated as the most intelligent and obedient dog.



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