most famous cats in the world

The cats we love not only in real life, but also take over our hearts on television and film. Some of them are “true”, and others animated. However, no one can deny that they are the most famous cats on the screen. Would you like to meet them?


Most famous cats on film and television

With their intense and special personality, cats are not only present in our homes, but they are also part of the cast of movies, cartoons, series, and television shows. In the following list we tell you which are the most famous cats:


1. Don Gato (and his gang)

One of the beautiful cartoons from a few decades ago but that is still famous worldwide. Don Gato was a street feline who “commanded” his friends Cucho, Demóstenes, Bodoque, Benito, Panza, and Espanto for thousands of adventures.



2. Felix

It is one of the first cats that appeared on the screen and achieved international fame. Felix’s origins date back to 1919 and he is one of the most famous characters in silent cinema. His adventures have been broadcast on television since 1953.



3. Puss in boots

Dressed as a musketeer with boots, a hat, and a sword, he became more “popular” after appearing in the Shrek movie saga. He was born in Spain (his voice was played by Antonio Banderas) and he gets everything he wants by making a sad face and opening his eyes wide. But he is not a helpless cat at all but a brave hero.



4. Salem

Who doesn’t know this chatty black cat, Sabrina’s best friend, the Teenage Witch? According to the series, it was a 500-year-old sorcerer who was sentenced to spend a decade as a feline in punishment for trying to conquer the world. He was always next to the young lady to hear her problems, advise her and why not, do some mischief.



5. Garfield

It first appeared in a cartoon in 1978. Four years later, the adventures of this red-haired cat who loved napping and lasagna began to air on television. The story was also taken to the cinema but in a “real” version. Along with the dog Oddie, they star in dozens of antics that make the owner of both pets angry.



6. Tom

The tireless gray cat who tries to hunt down the mouse Jerry, of course without success, is one of the most famous cats on television. The story was created by Hannah-Barbera and shows how the cat thinks of hundreds of techniques to catch the mouse, but that the latter is more skillful and manages to escape.



7. Hello Kitty

It is one of the symbols of girls and some women too. Hello, Kitty is synonymous with sweetness, shyness, and decorum. This famous kitten of Asian origin is present in all kinds of objects with the color pink as the main tone.



8. Snowball

Of course, one of the most famous family pets on television could not be missing. Actually The Simpsons have had five cats and they all called them the same way (adding a Roman number next to the name: I, II, III, IV, and V). The first four died.



9. Wild

What do you remember the famous phrase “I thought I saw a cute kitten” said by the Piolin canary every time he saw this black and white feline with a red nose? In each chapter of this cartoon, Silvestre tried to catch the bird, but of course, his attempts were unsuccessful. And to make matters worse, the cat was punished by the granny who owns both animals.



10. Chesire’s Cat

With his striking pink colors, he is one of the characters that appear in the novel “Alice in Wonderland” written by Lewis Carroll. Her main ability is to disappear and appear anywhere with her characteristic and a wide smile. In addition, he stars in philosophical conversations with the young woman in history.


What do you think of the most famous cats on television and in movies? Adorable, right?



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