Mysteries in the world

These riddles have been part of humanity for centuries. Will we ever find the solution? These are the 10 greatest Mysteries in the world.


Mysteries in the world: 1. The Voynich manuscript


Mysterious book: Voynich manuscript

This book was made in the 15th century and was owned by Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor. It was written in a previously unidentified script and language. To date, the mystery has not been deciphered. In the book, various mysterious drawings were made with great care.

They show unknown plants, constellations and various naked women sitting in pools. Nobody knows exactly what the unknown author wanted to say. Since it was extremely expensive to make such a book, a prank is unlikely. Today, the mysterious manuscript is at Yale University, where research into the meaning of the mysterious tome continues.



Mysteries in the world: 2. The Wow! Signal

Mysterious signal: wow!


Astrophysicist Jerry Ehman perceived a powerful radio signal from space with the big-ear radio telescope in 1977. It came from the direction of the Sagittarius constellation. Since it was so strong and narrow-band, he wrote “Wow!” to the side margin. The signal corresponded exactly to the template of what an interstellar communication attempt should look like.

Scientists first explained the phenomenon as a signal that was sent from the earth and reflected. However, the theory has been refuted. Attempts have been made to find the signal over 50 times without success. The chance that the signal was sent by an intelligent species is not out of the running to this day. Mysterious: It came from a star sector without known stars and planets.



Mysteries in the world: 3. Cicada 3301


Reason for conspiracy theories: Cicada 3301


This unknown organization has published several extremely complex puzzles since 2012. It started in an internet forum where it announced that it would be looking for highly intelligent individuals. In the picture that was posted with the announcement, further clues were hidden, they explained. Whoever finds the clues will be led to the street towards the organization. 2013 and 2014 were followed by two new puzzles. To solve them you need knowledge in the areas of encryption, steganography, occultism, literature, runes and the use of darknets.

They also had to travel because the clues were hidden all over the world. Among others in Poland, Hawaii, Spain, Australia, Korea, and the USA. The originators of the riddle are so far unknown. A prank is unlikely, the effort and the resources required are too expensive. According to conspiracy theories, they involve a recruitment test by state or criminal organizations. FBI and MI6 are mentioned again and again. The British Secret Service has already used similar methods to find personnel.



4. The accident from the Dyatlov pass

Employs conspiracy theorists: tents at Dyatlov Pass

In 1959 ten students were on a ski tour in the northern Urals. They were on their way to climb Mount Otorten, but one member of the group had to turn back for health reasons. The young Juri was lucky, days later all his friends were dead. The search for the ski group took over two months and raised various questions. The victims’ skin was mysteriously deeply tanned, their hair completely gray.

A victim’s eyes and tongue were missing. High levels of radioactive radiation were measured and a group of hikers traveling near the scene of the accident saw mysterious orange balls in the sky. Since the government closed the area for three years after the accident and gave no further information about the accident, conspiracy theorists suspect



Mysteries in the world: 5. The Pollock twins

Mysterious reincarnation: Pollock twins

John and Florence Pollock lost their two daughters Jacqueline († 11) and Joanna († 6) in a car accident. After this stroke of fate, the believing couple asked God for more children. Your prayers have been answered. Florence was pregnant again a year after the accident. Contrary to what the doctor predicted, John was certain that his wife had twins, reincarnations of the late sisters. Indeed, on April 4, 1958, two female twins were born.

The uncanny thing: The family moved to another city after the accident. When they retired five years later, the twins “recognized” places they had never been before. They insisted on seeing “their” school. But her late sisters went to this school. On this experience, the parents took old toys from Jacqueline and Joanna and showed them to the twins. They knew all of the animals’ nicknames. Why it is like that? The riddle has not been solved.



Mysteries in the world: 6. The Beale cipher

Mysterious: The puzzle about the gold treasure has not been solved.

It is one of the best-known encrypted messages in the world. If you decipher them, you should find a huge gold treasure that Thomas J. Baele is said to have buried around 1820. So far, only one of the three-sided cipher has been decrypted, the second. The American Declaration of Independence served as the key. It describes that there is a treasure in Bedford County, Virginia. To date, treasure hunters are still digging for the mysterious chest in the U.S. hills. Without success.



Mysteries in the world: 7. The 1962 Alcatraz eruption


Mysterious escape: the inmates were never found.

The probably only successful escape from what is probably the best-known US prison has never been solved. Three inmates, Clarence Anglin, John Anglin, and Frank Morris, dug holes behind the ventilation duct of their cells. The holes led to an unused corridor, this to the roof of her cell block, inside the prison. There they set up a small workshop, where they built an inflatable boat made of rain jackets for a year. So that their absence would not be noticed during their “handicraft hours”, they had made cardboard replicas of their heads and decorated them with their hair.

They put these masks in their beds. On the night of June 11, 1962, they fled the corridor, slid down a drainpipe, and inflated the boat. Despite intensive searches by the FBI, there is no trace of them. In 1979 the FBI officially declared her to have died on the run, but a look at the secret case file showed that the three were still being searched. Conspiracy theories suggest that the FBI may have been involved in the escape.



Mysteries in the world: 8. The green children of Woolpit


Enigmatic appearance: The Woolpit children

In the 12th century, the English village of Woolpit was visited by two mysterious children. They had green skin, spoke in an unknown language and only wanted to eat beans. The village took them in, taught them to eat other foods, and taught them English. The children said they came from a mysterious underground world called St. Martin’s Land, where everything was green.

One of the children died shortly afterward, the other, a girl, married an officer. The most plausible explanation for this mysterious incident is that the children were Flemish orphans. Flemish emigrants were persecuted under King Henry II; they may have invented the children’s fairy tale to protect them.



Mysteries in the world: 9. Rongorongo


Unexplored Language: Rongorongo

Easter Island is not only fascinating with its large sculptures. Because the island was completely isolated from the outside world, its inhabitants developed one of the only completely independent writings in the world. To date, it has not been deciphered. It probably served predominantly religious purposes and recorded mystical texts.

The characters were written on wooden boards, shark teeth and obsidian chips were used as writing tools. The font consists of around 600 incomprehensible symbols. However, since most of the documents were burned by Christian missionaries, Rongorongo will remain a mystery for a long time to come.



Mysteries in the world 10. Jack the Ripper


Drawing of the mysterious murderer.

One of the most famous serial killers in history. He murdered at least five prostitutes in London in 1888. His identity is still unclear to this day. The facts about Jack the Ripper became more and more a myth through stories, research, and media reports. Letters were sent to the police, allegedly by Jack. He killed his victims in an extremely brutal and macabre way. However, they all have in common that Jack cut the women ‘s throat.



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