Rarest cats in the world

The 10 rarest cats in the world

Cats are incredible animals that give us laughter, affection, and joy to humans. Currently, there are about 100 breeds of officially recognized mines but surely, we do not know even half of those there are unless you are experts in the field. In this article, we are not going to discover all the cat breeds there is but something better, the 10 rarest cats in the world! Those who, due to their physical characteristics, stand out above the rest of the races and are particularly special.

If you want to adopt a feline with an appearance that is out of the ordinary, then you can discover the 10 strangest cats in the world.



Rarest cats in the world

One of the rarest cats in the world is the Perm, a breed native to Oregon, USA, named for its characteristic long and curly fur (as if it had become “the permanent”). The first LaPerm cat was born female and hairless, but after a few months, she developed a silky and curly coat due to a mutation produced by a dominant gene. The funny thing is that from then on, almost all males of this breed are born without hair and many others lose it and move several times throughout their lives.

These cats have a sociable, calm and very affectionate character towards their humans, and are balanced and very curious.



Rarest cats in the world

Another of the strongest cats in the world and best known internationally is the sphynx cat or sphynx cat that is characterized by having no fur, although this statement is not correct at all since they actually have a very thin and short layer of hair almost imperceptible by the eye and the human touch. Apart from the absence of fur, the Sphynx breed is characterized by a robust body and large eyes that are even more noticeable in its bald head.

These felines appeared by a natural mutation and have an affectionate, peaceful and dependent temperament on their owners, but they are also sociable, intelligent and curious.


Exotic shorthair

Rarest cats in the world

The exotic shorthair or exotic cat is another of the rarest cats in the world that emerged from the cross between a British shorthair and an American shorthair. This breed has the complexion of a Persian cat but with short hair, being robust, compact and with a rounded body. Due to its big eyes, its short and flat nose, and its small ears, the exotic cat has a tender and sweet facial expression, it can even seem sad at times. Its fur is short and dense, but still requires very little care and does not fall much, so it is appropriate for allergic people.

This breed of cats has a calm, affectionate, loyal and friendly personality, similar to that of Persian cats, but these are still more active, playful and curious.



Elf or Elf Cat

Rarest cats in the world

Continuing with the strongest cats in the world, we find the elf cat or elf cat that is characterized by not having fur but being very intelligent. These cats are named for their great resemblance to this mythical creature and emerged from the cross between a Sphynx cat and an American curl making relatively little time.

Since they have no hair, these cats need to bathe more frequently than the other breeds and also, the sun cannot touch them much. In addition, they have a very sociable character and are very smart.



Scottish fold

Rarest cats in the world

The Scottish Fold or Scottish Fold is another of the rarest cats in the world that comes, as the name suggests, from Scotland. The breed itself was officially recognized in 1974 but mating among members of this breed has recently been banned by the British Veterinary Association due to the large number of serious bone abnormalities that occur when reproduced since this breed of cats has a mutation. the genetics that affects your cartilage. Also, this problem can also cause these felines to arthritis and, although many advocates think that if Scottish folds intersect with American shorthair or British shorthair This does not happen, the British Veterinary Association argued that all cats with bent ears suffer from this mutation.

The Scottish Fold cat is medium in size and has a round head, large round eyes, and very small ears folded forward, so it looks like an owl. Other notable features are its round feet and thick tail.

This breed of cats has short fur but does not have a specific color. His temper is strong and he also has a great hunter instinct, but still, they are very friendly and easily adapt to new environments.


Ukrainian Levkoy

Rarest cats in the world

Another of the strongest cats in the world is the Ukrainian levkoy, an elegant and medium-sized pussycat. Its main characteristics are the absence of fur or very small quantity, its ears folded, its large and almond-shaped eyes of bright colors, its long and flathead, and its angular profile.

This breed of cats that has an affectionate, sociable and intelligent temperament, was born a few years ago, in 2004, thanks to the crossing of a female sphynx and a male with fallen ears that Elena Biriukova made in Ukraine, so they are only in That country and in Russia.


Savannah cat

Rarest cats in the world

The Savannah cat is another of the rarest in the world. This genetically engineered hybrid breed emerged from the cross between a domestic cat and an African serval and looks very exotic, similar to that of a leopard. In addition, it retains many qualities and instincts of its wild ancestors. Its body is large and muscular, with large ears and long legs, and its fur has spots and black stripes like that of the big cats. It is the largest breed that exists but still, its size can vary greatly from one litter to another.

There is some controversy regarding whether the domestication of Savannah cats is possible because, in addition to maintaining many characteristics of their ancestors as we have already mentioned, they also need a lot of space to exercise and can jump up to more than 2 meters high. They can also become aggressive once they reach sexual maturity, so, unfortunately, there is a high rate of abandonment once they reach this point by their owners. However, they have a very loyal character and are not afraid of water.



Rarest cats in the world

This breed also belongs to one of the strongest cats in the world. This is the Peterbald cat, a medium-sized breed originally from Russia that was born in 1974. These minions emerged from the cross between a Donskoy and an oriental cat with short hair, and are characterized by the absence of fur, having long ears of a bat, oval and long legs and a wedge-shaped snout. They have a thin and elegant complexion and, although they can be confused with Egyptian cats or sphinxes, the Peterbald has no belly like the others.

Peterbald cats have a peaceful temperament and are curious, intelligent, active and very friendly, but they are also dependent and ask their owners for much affection.



Rarest cats in the world

Another of the rarest cats in the world is the munchkin, which due to a natural genetic mutation, is a medium-sized cat with shorter legs than normal as if it were a dachshund. Despite this, he has no problems jumping and running like the rest of the races, nor does he usually develop the many spine problems that are associated with this type of body structure.

Despite having the hind legs larger than the front legs, the Munchkin is agile, active, playful and affectionate, and can weigh between 2 and 3 kilos.


Cornish Rex

Rarest cats in the world

And we add cornish rex as another of the rarest cats in the world thanks to a spontaneous genetic mutation that caused its wavy, short, dense and silky fur on the back. This mutation happened in the 50s in the southwest of England, so it is called Cornish rex cat.

These medium-sized cats have a muscular and thin body, as well as their fine bones, but their fur can be any color and does not need much care. The Cornish rex is very intelligent, sociable, affectionate, independent and playful, and love contact with children.

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