Slowest Animals in the world

In the Animal Kingdom, we can find many records. Animals amaze us with their characteristic shapes, with their beauty, their colors, and their behavior; Some are more impressive than others. In this case, we want to tell you which are the slowest animals in the world.

You won’t be able to believe how much time they need to do their daily activities! They go at their own pace, without haste, and without stress.

There is no doubt that slower animals take life very calmly and are in no rush to get anywhere.

Their slowness is usually due to the fact that their metabolism is very slow, or because they feed on leaves that give them very little energy.

Among the slowest animals on Earth are snails, sloths, and turtles, but not only.

In this Article, we group 10 species that are listed as the 10 slowest creatures in the world. My favorite is Koala – what’s yours?


Top 10 slowest animals in the world


10. Koala

Slowest animals in the world

Koala is very tender and also very slow.

These nocturnal animals love to take refuge for a long time in the trees of Australia and are considered specialized climbers.

They have a fairly padded tail that allows them to sit on them to enjoy the landscapes from the top and then they move at a maximum speed of 20 km/h.

A curious fact is that the Koala does not bear as such, in fact, they fall into the category of marsupial mammals as a species, but their appearance labels them as bears.




9. Manatee

Slowest animals in the world

Manatees are popularly known as sea ​​cows.

It is a gentle, calm, and quite a stout being. They are adorable and seem not to swim, but to float in total tranquility.

They are docile and love to remain hidden in the shallow waters of the Caribbean sea and the Indian Ocean.

Manatees only spend all day eating and resting, which is why they accumulate a lot of weight. They exercise very little.

The maximum speed of these animals is 5 km/h.

Currently, they do not have predators, something that makes them even slower,

Since they do not have to flee from anyone. Its only predator is human.




8.Slow loris

Slowest animals in the world

Lori is a graceful type of nocturnal primate native to the forests of Sri Lanka.

It is a very rare primate and one of the slowest animals in the world.

It lives among the trees in tropical areas of Laos, Cambodia, China, and Vietnam.

His very large eyes allow him to see very clearly at night. they move with the light and graceful contortionist movements.

Their hands are very similar to those of human beings and they carry out very contortionist movements, but with grace.

when it feels threatened, it produces a kind of poison that it injects into the predator by biting it.

The Lori is one of the fastest animals on the list of the 10 slowest animals in the world since it can even reach 2 km/h.




7. Loggerhead sea turtle


Slowest animals in the world

Also called Big-headed Turtle, it lives in the waters of the Mediterranean, the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

The turtle is a global symbol of slowness, although some of the sea turtles are not as slow as urban legend says.

Turtles are very long-lived marine animals that can live up to 150 years.

This animal can weigh up to 160 kilograms and measure 90 centimeters. Its average speed is 1.6 km/h. It is the slowest reptile in the world.




6. Sloth


Slowest animals in the world

Sloth slowest and one of the sweetest animals on earth. Just looking at it gives us a little sleep.

Not only is it super slow, but it also has great myopia (it looks closely at nothing else), and both the sense of smell and the ear are poorly developed.

In English, its name is “Sloth”, which is a mixture of two words: “slow-motion” (something like slow motion). Its average speed is 0.24km/h. He is very threatened.




5. Starfish


Slowest animals in the world

The starfish is one of the slowest animals in the world, reaching speeds of 0.090 km / h.

Also, there are more than 2000 types of starfish, being very diverse from each other. Sea stars can practically be seen in all the Earth’s oceans.

They are not made to travel long distances, and since they are very slow, they allow themselves to be carried by ocean currents in their path.

It has five or more arms and lives most of the time at the bottom of the sea.




4. Garden snail


Slowest animals in the world

It is known to all that the snail is one of the slowest animals in the world since it moves at a speed of 0.050 km / h.

This speed makes it take about 20-21 hours to travel one kilometer.

Although garden snails live in gardens they do not like sunlight very much and prefer to enjoy the good shade.

Perhaps the most curious thing about snails is that they are hermaphrodite, that is, they have both female and male sexual organs, However, it needs another snail to fertilize.




3. Seahorse


Slowest animals in the world

Seahorses are slow animals because of their complex body structure which does not allow them to move much or to reach great speeds,

It is a kind of motor deficiency due to which they can swim only vertically.

Seahorses are made to stay in the same place for life and the average speed of these animals is 0.01mph.

There are more than 50 species of seahorses, all very slow, which makes them unique.




2. Slug


Slowest animals in the world

The slug moves at 0.5 mm per second, which amounts to less than 2 meters traveled in 1 hour!

Similar to the snail (but without carrying its house on its back), the slug is hermaphrodite and “walks” very slowly.

It lives in our gardens and has an elongated body that can measure up to 15 cm. It usually increases its activity at night.




1. Corals


Slowest animals in the world

Yes, It is the winner of this top 10 slowest animals! Coral is the only animal that does not move.

Its speed of 0 km / h. Like starfish, coral doesn’t look like an animal even though it is.

The corals are incredibly beautiful, but it is worthy of admiration for its undeniable beauty. Corals are the decoration of the seabed.

So that many people dive just to see them up close. In this particular ranking, they all beat: they are practically immobile, but at the same time, are full of life.


After knowing the 10 Slowest animals in the world, you will surely wonder which are the fastest animals in the world. Enter our article and discover them!

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