smartest animals in the world

The 10 smartest animals in the world

The human being, as a “more developed” species, has considered animals as less intelligent and evolved creatures, to the point of using them as tools for work, food or entertainment. However, countless scientific and ethological studies confirm that many species of animals have developed impressive intellectual abilities, based on studies of logic, language, memory, learning or cognition among others. In this World Aspect article, we will show you the 10 smartest animals and explain the reasons that have led scientists to classify them as very intelligent animals. Discover the 10 smartest animals in the world below :


1. The pig

Smartest animals in the world

According to Donald M. Broom, a professor of animal welfare at the University of Cambridge, pigs are highly sensitive, skilled and intelligent animals. These mammals have a higher intelligence level than other animals, which could be compared to that of a three-year-old child.

Also, they have demonstrated their ability to solve problems quickly, thus surpassing some primates. Pigs are curious, social and affectionate animals with other individuals and with the outside environment. They are cognitively complex, capable of socializing, learning and cheating naturally.

As studies about their intelligence progress, pigs are generally compared to dogs and cats, so many people are in favor of the option of having a pig as a pet. Although it may not seem so at first, it is clean, affectionate and very intelligent animals.


2. The elephant

Smartest animals in the world

The brain of elephants, which weighs just over five kilograms, is considered the largest of all land animals and has the same neurons as a human being. Like homo sapiens, the elephant is not born with instincts to survive, so it must go through long learning that lasts about 10 years.

Elephants are creatures with highly sensitive emotional and emotional development. They have very close family relationships that can only be broken by the death or capture of one of its members. After a loss, the whole family goes through a process of grieving and even depression, which includes funeral rituals.


3. The crow

Smartest animals in the world

Throughout history, the raven has received endless symbolic attributes related to death, disease or war. It is an animal that has been closely related to man and his oldest beliefs.

The truth is that crows have amazing intelligence since they are capable of logically solving different problems as well as building tools to achieve their goals. They also play for pleasure and interpret the social relationships that other crows outside their group have. The raven is undoubtedly one of the 10 smartest animals in the world.

In the same way that the human being, the raven when considered mature enough, says goodbye to his parents, leaves the nest and throws himself into flight. However, it is not completely independent, but forms groups of crows of the same age, living, experimenting and growing until they find a partner with whom to form their own family.


4. The cow and the bull

Smartest animals in the world

Although the pig has managed to get rid of its stigma of “farm animal” and be recognized for its intelligence, cows and bulls still have a long way to go. His favorite activities are eating, interacting, sunbathing and, ultimately, enjoying the pleasures of life, occupations that did not reveal great intelligence, so they were not a subject of study.

However, today we can say that these are very intelligent and sensitive animals, with a great emotional capacity, which is sometimes superior to other animals. Being considered “prey” by other animals, cows tend to be suspicious of new environments and new experiences, but brave if they are finally in conflict. Numerous cases are known in which some parents have fled slaughterhouses to return to their calves.

Bovids as far as psycho-emotional are concerned, closely resemble human beings. Cows and bulls are affected by feelings such as fear, pain, and joy. They also care about the future, have friends, enemies and are extremely curious. No doubt, cows feel as much as we do.



5. The octopus

Smartest animals in the world

The octopus is undoubtedly the most intelligent of all invertebrates. Octopods have only one-third of their neurons in the brain while the rest are in their tentacles.

These are solitary animals that discover the environment for themselves and generate long-term memory. They are also able to use logic and use tools. Through the tentacles, octopuses can touch and taste, thus obtaining all kinds of information about the environment in which they find themselves.


6. The dogs

Smartest animals in the world

Although the level of intelligence of a dog can vary depending on its breed and other factors, the truth is that it is one of the 10 smartest animals in the world, in addition to being faithful.

Dogs can understand a large number of words, interpret verbal and physical language, use logic to achieve their goals and even have short and long term memory. The mental stimulation that can be given to a dog during its early stages of life greatly improves the future development of its abilities.

In addition to the aforementioned, dogs are social creatures capable of understanding human beings and other animals, interacting positively with them. Also, they feel different emotions such as pain, joy, fear, and anxiety.


7. The horse

Smartest animals in the world

As with cows, it is mistakenly believed that horses are not intelligent and that their behavior is closely related to their primary instincts. However, it is a very intelligent animal, which has a very complete emotional system and similar to that of the human being.

Horses are curious and adventurous animals, capable of remembering specific experiences and places since they have short and long term memory. The level of intelligence may vary depending on the breed and the stimulation they receive, as with dogs. A horse that spends all day locked in a box probably has a poor intellectual level, in addition to feeling emotionally sad.

Horses are one of the most sensitive and empathic animals in the world, coming to understand words and interpret the emotions of other living beings, which has made it one of the best therapy animals in the world. This animal, besides being noble and faithful, is an excellent life partner and a very intelligent being.



8. The rat

Smartest animals in the world

Rats are, by far, the smartest rodents that exist. They are very sociable animals that live in large colonies of individuals and work together and coordinate for their conservation. The colony of rats has a very high number of nests to move the young and ensure their survival in case of flood or natural disaster.

We also observe that the oldest or weakest of the group, are sacrificed if necessary, tasting food that could be toxic or venturing to a dangerous place to ensure the survival of the healthiest.

They are very empathic creatures because they help each other and form very close social relationships. Also, his physical abilities are unmatched: a rat can swim up to 400 meters and overcome a fall of 20 meters.

If you have ever considered adopting a rat as a pet, do not hesitate. These rodents can interpret and learn the human physical and verbal language, perform different tricks and use logic to achieve their goals. They are undoubtedly very intelligent animals and worthy of being in this top 10.



9. The dolphin

Smartest animals in the world

Dolphins have a brain much larger than humans, plus four hemispheres instead of three. These are animals with great social and communicative skills since they can use a broad vocalization system in addition to having specific sounds to name each individual in a group.

Dolphins have extremely close relationships with members of their same herd, but we can especially observe them in mothers and children, who do not separate until they are three years old. Also, it has been shown that these mammals are aware of themselves.

Although they are known to be the most playful animals in the world, dolphins are also very intelligent animals, capable of using logic and different tools to improve their day to day.



10. The chimpanzee

Smartest animals in the world

To end with the 10 smartest animals in the world, we will talk about the chimpanzee, which shares 98% of DNA with humans. It is believed that they are the animals of the planet that most closely resemble homo sapiens and perhaps for that reason they have been the subject of study for generations.

The chimpanzee is an ape who is aware of himself, can transmit his “culture” to the next generations and also has the symbolic capacity, absent other species of animals. Chimpanzees can learn about 300 words of sign language, so it is estimated that their language is complex and varied. They also have excellent mathematical memory, which exceeds that of many humans. It is estimated that the intelligence of a chimpanzee could be compared with that of a 2, 3 or 4-year-old child.

Also, these great apes are capable of producing various tools to achieve their objectives, which highlights their planning capacity.

It is about being sensitive, with your personality and very marked emotions. Chimpanzees feel the death of their peers and go through a grieving process. They are generous and very sociable animals, and they are aware of themselves.


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